I teach six-week fiction writing classes in Los Angeles. Students of all experience levels are welcome. Class size is limited to ten.

In my classes, we workshop short stories or novel excerpts of up to 20 pages, with an emphasis on the major elements of craft, including structure, characterization, and language. The class’s main purpose is to help each writer identify and build on the strengths of his/her work. Among the questions we consider: In what ways does this work engage and move us? Does the work have a recognizable structure that serves the writer’s artistic aims? Do the events that make up the plot connect to create meaning? Do we have a strong sense of who the characters are? Is setting used effectively? Does the language capture our imagination throughout? Class discussion is frank, focused, and supportive. Throughout the six weeks, students also do writing exercises, designed to sharpen their fiction-writing skills and generate new work. By the end of the course, students leave not only with fresh ideas for revision but with what could be the beginnings of new stories.

Upcoming classes: January 21 – February 25, 2018;    April 22 – May 27, 2018

Hours: Sundays 5 – 7 p.m.

Cost: $525

Location: Mid-Wilshire

Refundable until: January 9, 2018;    April 10, 2018


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What Students are Saying

“I had a fantastic experience in Jonathan Blum’s class. I appreciated his focus on the craft of writing and his de-emphasis on writing for publication — it really helps strip away a lot of the fear and doubt around writing. He facilitates excellent discussions. Assignments are stimulating and engaging, and Jonathan strikes a nice balance in class between instruction and workshopping our stories. This workshop is a great way to enhance your creative writing foundation, refresh old dreams, or just get a taste for how it’s done. I look forward to taking another workshop with Jonathan next year!”

–Caroline Weiss, Fall 2016 student

“Jonathan Blum is an amazing instructor. He really knows his stuff. I am always looking to enhance my education, but I also took the class for fun. I was a first-timer — never had I written any fiction. I genuinely enjoyed every class session. Writing is an art form and I am a much better artist because of this class and Jonathan Blum. I am extremely grateful I stumbled across his flyer one morning on my way to work.”

–Heidy Garcia, Fall 2016 student

“Jonathan’s fiction-writing workshop is informative, challenging, supportive. He’s all about writing and writers, and he always focuses on the work, giving his students insights into what makes for good storytelling. Through class assignments and incisive discussion, he encourages students to push themselves. By sharing examples of great writing, he inspires them to see what’s possible. I appreciated Jonathan’s careful reading of everyone’s work and his very specific feedback on how to make it better. If you’re interested in improving your fiction-writing skills, take this class.”

–Melissa McCoy, Winter 2016 student

“Jonathan’s fiction workshop is a must if you’re looking for intelligent, concise, and useful feedback on your work. He creates a safe environment that’s about the work, both through his own approach and the readings and exercises he brings to the group. His personal feedback, given his own workshop history, was detailed and applicable. Simply, my work got better.”

–Michael Apstein, Winter 2016 student

“Jonathan’s workshop was a game-changer for me. I had long been rejecting the techniques and habits of Screenwriting 101, and his class presented me with a more honest, organic approach to storytelling. He had plenty of expert knowledge to share with us week to week, but the core of his class was in guiding each of us to find our own way as writers. It was incredibly empowering, and I only wish I’d found him sooner.”

–Brian Tran, Fall 2015 student

“I had a transformative experience in Jonathan’s fiction-writing class. I came into the class without ever having written fiction, and I am now pursuing a career in writing. Jonathan brought out the best in me. He is gentle in his critiques and leadership yet completely effective. He encouraged me to discover my own voice and not be conventional. To take risks and be brave. It is very true that we all rise to expectation. Thank you, Jonathan, for your belief in all of us.”

–Brittany Ballard, Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 student

“I took Jonathan’s workshop twice (among several others who were returning) and I could say that Jonathan got me writing or got me writing better, because he did do that, but mainly Jonathan creates a space that gets you thinking of yourself as a writer. Writing is one thing but getting the confidence to think of it as more than a silly hobby or distraction but a real vocation was big for me. Today I feel like more of a writer thanks to Jonathan.”

–Juan Montoya, Winter 2015 and Fall 2015 student

“In the land of the workshop, how do you choose? Plenty of teachers have glossy sales pitches and clever, copyrighted techniques. Lots of them love to put on a show. Yet the real deal does not fit slickly into an Instagram feed. Jonathan Blum is the real deal: authentic, attentive, talented, wise, and published. Jonathan made me feel safe, he challenged me, he made me think deeply, and he cracked me up. I write with greater ability, and more, because of him. If you want to become a better writer, take Jonathan Blum’s writing workshop.”

–Kelly Cole, Winter 2015 student

“I discovered Jonathan Blum when I signed up for his Short Story Workshop at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. He offered thoughtful critiques, wise counsel, and exposed me to many new writers. He was engaging and therefore I ended up returning to Iowa the next year to take his class again. I’ve also taken his Los Angeles workshop. I appreciate his serious approach to literature. He is very attentive and engages well with his students.”

–Linda Jassim, Winter 2015, Fall 2015, and Fall 2016 student

“I found Jonathan’s class to be a lot of fun, and extremely beneficial to my storytelling skills and character development. He is a very attentive teacher that works hard to make sure that everyone in class gets a lot of support and comes away from the experience a more well-rounded writer and reader. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

–Ross Gardiner, Fall 2015 student

“Jonathan’s class was very helpful. Coming from a background in screenwriting and script analysis, I found his insights into approaching character and narrative structure in short-form fiction to be elucidating. I also felt that the classroom environment was supportive and that Jonathan set great, fair-minded guidelines for group critique. I learned a lot about where the strengths of my piece were, and also how people felt about the character. For any writer, this kind of feedback is invaluable. I felt my story develop in exciting new directions as a result of workshopping it in this class.”

–Jack Fleischer, Fall 2015 student

“Jonathan is a thoughtful and supportive instructor who pushes every student’s writing to the next level through candid and meaningful discussion. He offers an additional layer of instruction through the teaching of pieces by published writers. I highly recommend his class for anyone interested in improving their craft.”

–Pallavi, Fall 2015 student


Student Successes

MAGGIE SMITH, who was in my Summer 2017 workshop, has had her first short story accepted for publication. “The Devil You Know” will appear in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers 2017 Anthology: False Faces.

WILLIAM DEVERELL, who was in my Winter 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017 workshops, has a short story, “Arraigned,” in Angels Flight – literary west. He was awarded a California Writing Residency in Lake Arrowhead by the 1888 Center + Yefe Nof. He published his short story, “Evangel,” in Exposition Review, Volume 1. “Evangel” was nominated for the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers.

BRIAN TRAN was accepted to attend the Tin House Summer Workshop in Portland, Oregon, and study with James Hannaham. Brian was in my Fall 2015 workshop.

JOSHUA ELIAS, who was in my Fall 2016 workshop, was selected by The New Short Fiction Series for its 14th Annual Emerging Voices Group Show in North Hollywood.

LINDA JASSIM was accepted to the Writer’s Hotel writers conference in NYC. Her short story “The Golden Hour” appears in Liquid: Journal of Arts & Letters, Volume 1. Her story “The Wall” was published on Linda was in my Winter 2015, Fall 2015, and Fall 2016 workshops.