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For years, I have given my students prompts to help them generate new fiction. The prompts inspire the students to work on a specific task, take creative risks, and explore different elements of fiction writing. Here are some sample prompts I’ve created over the years:

• Start a story whose first sentence is, “My mother died fifteen years ago, but there she was standing in front of the hotel.”

• Write something in which you explore a stereotype.

• Invent a character who predicts the future for a living: a tarot reader, a fortune teller, an astrologer, etc. Start a new story that begins with this character predicting the future of someone who has paid for this service. 

I am now offering a subscription service. Every Friday, I will send out an original prompt to subscribers. You may use these prompts to take off in whatever creative direction you'd like. You may use them as weekly exercises. You may try creating pieces of flash fiction from them or even short stories. You may use the prompts to delve into longer works.

Above all, I hope the weekly prompts will help you enjoy writing fiction.

The service is $9.95 a month.

To subscribe, click on the button below.

See you on Fridays.

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